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2006-04-07 - Trip 6

Spain, Andalucia and Malaga

Estepona to Marbella

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0 km today.
47.7 km this trip.
742.6 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
0 metres maximum height.
0 metres ascent.
0 metres descent.
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 Travel: Bus.

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Day trip.

Marbella Day Trip. We took the bus to Marbella and researched more bus routes we would need later in the week. We walked from the bus station to the port and had ice cream and a nice lunch.

We decide on a day trip to Marbella to locate the bus station and observe the route. There seems little point in going on a really long bus journey to check out a place we have already committed ourselves to. In the event, the bus station is not convenient as it is inland and intermediate stops are far more useful. Neil logs these. We don't find any shower curtains for Mini but have a delicious ice-cream and a fantastic lunch at La Madrileña. Mini's camera seems to have gone berserk. We'll have to find a candelabra (camera) shop tomorrow. We look at the port where famous people we have never heard of keep their yachts. Neil plays "Spot the Drop" and quickly spies out a suspicious transfer of a package. After all this is the Costa del Crime.

On our return journey, I see a sign advertising a Parque Botanico on the route. We might visit this.

I manage to sort out Mini's camera using the bathroom as a darkroom to open the back and make a kinaesthetic inspection. The film is wound back and can safely be removed. I also tried removing the battery and was surprised that the window continued to flash without it. One job fewer for mañana.

Today I am not at all cheerful because the brand new piles I put in the psion have gone flat and Muvo got wet in the rain and now refuses to work as well so now I am having to reinstate the worms (society for the pismronunciation of) already transferred and those due to be transferred from human memory.