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2006-04-08 - Trip 6 - Leg 41

Spain, Andalucia and Malaga

Estepona west to Estepona east

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9 km today. Mini came too.
56.7 km this trip.
751.6 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
22 metres maximum height.
29 metres ascent.
20 metres descent.
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 Travel: .

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Golden mile. Processions.

Estepona West to Estepona East. This short walk was interesting because we saw the historic parts of Estepona as well as an Easter procession including military and youth groups. We enjoyed the sheep mascot who trotted along quite happily with no tether.

Today we did Estepona West to Estepona East with Mini.

On the way, we stopped at a potential cortina (curtain) shop and they had lovely ones. Mini chose a blue one with white gulls and grey boats on it. It's very nice - a pity my shower curtain is still perfectly good. We also called in at a computer shop to get a new Muvo. It's called Differo and I now need to learn how to charge its piles (batteries) and operate it. It has rechargeable piles which is good so long as you remember to recharge them over night.

We had an ice-cream in the Plaza de las Flores and watched a procession with marching bands and different uniformed groups - young people and adults alike. We don't know what it was celebrating as it is not yet Holy Week and there didn't seem to be a religious element.

On 10th April there is a performance of O Magnum Mysterium but no indication of the composer. It starts at 9pm when we are usually asleep so we are unlikely to make it.

Tonight we are having a take-away chicken and are topping up our supplies at Opencor on the way. It is very useful having a shop that is open all hours when you are on holiday. I had a second attempt at a swim today but it is still just a bit too cold. I got in a bit deeper and by next week may actually go all the way. I remember in the past having to wait until the second week before getting right in. David will be pleased with us today as we visited the church of San Francesco on our way through the town. I think our obvious lack of enthusiasm for sights and sites of interest meant we were a disappointment to him.

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