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2006-04-06 - Trip 6 - Leg 40

Spain, Andalucia and Malaga

Torre Guardiaro to Estepona

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21.7 km today.
47.7 km this trip.
742.6 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
0 metres maximum height.
0 metres ascent.
0 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus.

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Beach and busy road. Altitude log showed 30000 metres on a beach walk (oops).

Torre Guardiaro to Estepona. This stretch of coast is more built-up. Much of the coastal wilderness has gone. We fear that things will get even worse as we approach the major resorts.

Neil had a good idea today. As the walk doesn't have a bus journey at the end of it, we could have a lie-in. Unfortunately we had already bought our tickets before the good idea. Luckily I wake up early enough to make the breakfasts. Neil usually does this when it's a pre-dawn start.

We get to Torreguadiaro as dawn breaks. It has been raining while we were on the bus and is still raining now. Today's walk is mainly along the beach with towers as landmarks, promontaries to negotiate and river mouths to splash through. Just one was more of a challenge. I tried wading round but had to abort when the water came waist high and deeper to come. The bread was nicely wrapped in plastic.

I have got a waterproof bag now from a chandlery here. When I asked for a bolsito en plastico the lad gave me a carrier bag. We had to wait for the real man to take me to the bag stand. It was ideal, exactly the right shape – and he told me that I did want a bolsito en plastico.

On the way up from the bus stop, yesterday, we called in at a little supermarket to get drinks, bread, nuts a bottle of water for Saturday's pill and so on. We still haven't located the Mercadona and today we made our approach into town on a bearing which also failed to reveal it.

Now I must go into town to get some new piles (batteries) for the psion for safety and a roast chicken (I hope).

When we got back Mini has had a much nicer day. She was warmer than yesterday and it hasn't rained. We got rained on several, times and I never unzipped my legs. From now on we should be clear of the windy straits weather.

Tomorrow if it is a nice day we are going to Rincon de la Victoria to see if it is nice. This is our base for the next leg of the walk. It is not really far enough along at the rate we are going this holiday but it doesn't matter. We shall just have longer journeys in one direction than the other and at least the airport transfer will be cheap as we are so near.