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2006-04-05 - Trip 6 - Leg 39

Spain, Andalucia and Malaga

La Linea to Torre Guardiaro

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22.2 km today.
26 km this trip.
720.9 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
28 metres maximum height.
54 metres ascent.
58 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus.

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Beach. Golden mile.

La Linea to Torre Guardiaro. This was a pleasant walk along the beach and coastal paths. There were a few spots of rain and we got wet feet from paddling across small streams that were flowing after recent rain.

Having had to wait yesterday for the lady in the kiosk at the bus station to ring through to see of there was room on the bus, we got our tickets the day before this time. We got the 7am bus to La Linea and followed the coast round to Torreguadiaro. I had a Knirrps (quick immersdion) in the straits but not a swim because it was too rough, too cold and too stony. Round the corner, it was sandy, warm and calm but I thought I'd better do it here because once we got out of sight of Gibraltar it can hardly be called the straits any longer. The coast is sandy with the occasional promontary which you have to climb over or wade round. There are numerous small rivers flowing into the sea, sometimes with a sand bar so you can keep dry and sometimes needing a paddle.

The River Guadiaro at was too deep for this and we had to go inland a bit to a road bridge. The area round it is a nature reserve (natural not nacional) and very nice. Sotogrande Marina was very new and smart and getting us used to Marbella which is yet to come. We got to our bus stop much too early so we decided to walk on 500 metres to the next stop. There were anglophone children on the bus who had been to school in Gibraltar. When we got back we booked our ticket for Torreguadiaro the next day. This system works really well as it saves queuing when you are in a rush and means you are guaranteed a seat.

For supper we went to El Pelangre and had lots of small red mullets and roast pepper salad. It was different and very nice.