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2013-11-01 - Trip 22

Italy, Veneto Venezia

Venice to Treviso

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0 km today.
120.1 km this trip.
3774.8 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
8 metres maximum height.
62 metres ascent.
62 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Walk, Train, Walk, Train, Walk, Train.

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Venice. Canals and congested foot paths.

Today was a rest and research day. Neil visited Venice and had a walk around. He also went toTreviso and photographed train timetables to Trieste. Finding the names of the intermediate stations on the route is not easy using the Trenitalia website.

The outcome - a decision to avoid Venice. The city is a delight. The crowds are unbearable. And the public transport, though frequent is often standing-room-only. The alternative route further north via Treviso should be nicer in most respects. The drained fens around Venice have their own appeal but rolling hills and rivers are nicer. Treviso was having it's siesta but it looked nice. There was a useful open-all-hours Spar shop on the station concourse! What a contrast to Verona where you can only get Mc'Donalds and Kebabs.

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