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2013-10-31 - Trip 22 - Leg 182

Italy, Veneto Verona and Vicenza

Caldiero to Montebello

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24.2 km today.
120.1 km this trip.
3774.8 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
142 metres maximum height.
209 metres ascent.
215 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Walk, Train.

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Nice back roads and paths. Short main road sections at the start and end. Nice.

There was chaos at the station. The 06:34 to Venice broke down. The new platform announced was eight but there was no train. The electronic signs showed the replacement train on platform three. This didn't run either. Finally the 07:02 departed a few minutes late from platform four. There was a lot of walking backwards and forwards to find the right platform.

Neil generated some of his own chaos. To allow the feet to recover, sometimes a day off walking is a good idea. The potential plan was to travel to Trieste via Venice and to return via Treviso. This would take most of the daylight hours and would make a route decision easier. Venice is attractive but the walking is nicer further north. This plan was abandoned because the weather was looking particularly nice. With minutes before departure Neil remembered he had no ticket for the return journey. The machines at outlying stations often don't work so it's better to get the tickets in the big city stations. After the last minute rush to get the tickets, it was all the more anoying when the train failed to depart.

The walk was very nice. The weather was sunny and there was a cool breeze. The main road sections lasted less than a kilometre. There were farm tracks without tarmac and a short section on a mountain path. It was a small hill really but the path was rocky.

The route passed through vines and the village of Soave. Was this the well known Italian wine region? A couple of scrumped grapes tasted very good but the tanin put fur on the teeth. There were many signs warning about toxic chemical application to the vines. The harvest was in and the vines might have had their winter spray treatment. So far - no ill efects.

At Monteforte D'Alpone there was a useful supermarket with really interesting things at the dellicatessen counter. Neil got plenty of bread as staple food shopping seems impossible in Verona. The feet complained a bit for the last four or five kilometres. Perhaps tomorrow will be the route research day.

After two days of boring slog getting through Verona, a day like this makes it all worthwhile again. The leg to Vicenza looks good too. If it works there will be more hill walking.