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2013-11-02 - Trip 22 - Leg 183

Italy, Veneto Vicenza

Montebello to Vicenza

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23 km today.
143.1 km this trip.
3797.8 km from start.
18 metres minimum height.
318 metres maximum height.
324 metres ascent.
379 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Walk, Train.

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Back roads. Hill and forrest paths. Very little on main roads. Nice.

This was a very nice walk, mostly on quiet roads and hill tracks and paths used by hunters, walkers and just for recreation. Even the approach to Vicenza was nice with a riverside park almost to the railway station.

The damp, dull and misty conditions did not spoil the day at all although it was harder to keep a comfortable temperature. It was hot and sweaty going up the hills and cold and dank coming back down.

Close to the end of the walk, Neil took a wrong turning and became temporarily trapped in the attractive grounds of the Parco Santo Felice which was a residential hospital for the mentally ill. Sometimes one wonders if the world is trying to tell you something. After all this walk across Europe is certainly well along the scale towards bonkers or barking.

After back tracking out of the hospital grounds, the last few hundres metres to Vicenza station were soon completed. Neil photographed the rail timetables to get the intermediate stations for the next legs of the walk towards Trieste.