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2012-04-14 - Trip 20 - Leg 169

Italy, Lombardia Pavia

Voghera to Broni

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24.5 km today.
4.2 km/h average today.
5 hours 53 mins walking time.
292.2 km this trip.
3507.2 km from start.
59 metres minimum height.
94 metres maximum height.
41 metres ascent.
59 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Train+Train.
23.80 Euros.

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Very light rain all day. 65% main road. Then it got nice.

The 05:43 to Milan departed on time. Neil got out at Voghera where he discovered he had used the wrong route according to his ticket. Oops but nobody checked so no harm done.

The weather was really odd. It was spitting with rain and this continued for over five hours. Also the sun was visible through the thin layer of clouds. There were two short periods when the sun got fainter and an umbrella was needed. Otherwise the damp was not enough to get you wet.

The first 65% of the walk was on the main road and not very pleasant at all. The Saturday traffic had the usual 07:30 till 08:00 rush. Then it was quieter for a while. Then all the weekend traffic poured onto the road.

Then, at last, there were some side roads. What a transformation. Very few cars, nice views, the first cuckoo, skylarks and the mandatory barking dogs. There were even two cats today, the first this trip which was a surprise. Also people walking, cycling, running and just chatting. What a plague the car is.

From Milan to Venice and Trieste, the train service is likely to be excellent. Getting north onto this route without a ridiculously long stage is proving tricky.

Beyond Trieste there is a problem. The garmin satnag maps have been exceedingly useful but these stop at the edge of Italy. It's like going blind. There may be other maps and perhaps the OpenStreetMap data can be converted. Check out talkietoaster.