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2012-04-15 - Trip 20

Italy, Liguria Genova

Genova to Beccles

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0 km today.
292.2 km this trip.
3507.2 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
0 metres maximum height.
0 metres ascent.
0 metres descent.
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 Travel: Bus, Flight, Bus, Car.
6.00 Euros.

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It was raining cats and dogs in the early morning so plan A, walk all the way to the airport (6.6 km), was abandoned. Plan B was to get the train and walk 1.6 km to the airport but it was still tipping it down. Plan C was to get the 6 Euro bus. This worked although the 100 metre walk from the hotel to the bus stop was pretty damp. Plan D to get a taxi was not needed. Irritatingly, the rain stopped and the sun came out when the bus got to the airport. Of course by then it would have been too late to do the walks.

Italians are insufferably cheerful in the early mornings. I put this down to espresso coffee. I can see the attraction though. You get an animated chat with your friends on the way to work. At work, the coffee soon wears off and you can have a nice doze.

Ryanair was on time and the flight was no more dreadful than usual. Other airlines are glacially slow by comparison. The flight arrived a few minutes late but we were all boarded and strapped in by the departure time. At Stansted there were April showers so the descent was exciting like a roller coaster ride. The side wind landing was exciting too with some aircraft tail wagging which was more noticeable sitting near the back.

On the ground there was more luck and the long-term-parking bus departed seconds after boarding. There were very few passengers on the bus so instead of driving round and round, we just went straight to the two stops that were needed. The drive to Beccles was nice in the afternoon sun with brightly lit trees and blossom against black clouds in the distance. The occasional hail shower cleaned the windscreen nicely. Smaller roads were used because the M11 or A12 are not pretty at any time of year.

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