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2012-04-13 - Trip 20 - Leg 168

Italy, Piemonte Alessandria and Lombardia Pavia

Tortona to Voghera

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17.8 km today.
4.1 km/h average today.
4 hours 22 mins walking time.
267.7 km this trip.
3482.7 km from start.
72 metres minimum height.
103 metres maximum height.
37 metres ascent.
39 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Train.
14.30 Euros.

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Main road all the way apart from the Pontecurone bypass where the old town was quiet. 10 minutes of rain. Cool and overcast.

The 05:43 to Milan departed on time. Neil got out at Tortona.

It was overcast and cool. The walk was on the main road apart from the leg through Pontecurone where the town had been bypassed. The whole route had a narrow margin for walking. This was not too pleasant but not too dangerous either. The terrain was very open and flat with no hedges and few trees.

There is a shortage of pleasant country lanes in this area. I blame the Romans! Every town is linked by LASER beam straight main roads unless there is a mountain or a river in the way. Small roads tee off these main roads but they are all dead ends leading to farms or tiny farming villages.

It rained for about ten minutes. As this leg was quite short, there was a long cold draughty wait at Voghera station. This was made worse by large screen TV sets blaring out adverts and a woman who poured a torrent of abuse into her mobile phone at high volume for what felt like an hour. Happily she went to Milan and the Genova train was quiet. There was a pleasant park in front of the station where it was much nicer to wait.

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