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2007-02-12 - Trip 8 - Leg 53

Spain, Andalucia and Granada

Castell de Ferro to La Rabita

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22.1 km today.
47.9 km this trip.
1019.9 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
112 metres maximum height.
411 metres ascent.
352 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus.

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Beach, golden mile, busy coast road.


We decide to catch the 8.15 bus. Our target is La Rábita itself and we shan't need a bus in the evening. This time the bus comes. The timetable seems to allow fifteen minutes leeway so that the 8.15 bus arrives at about 8.30. We need a ticket to Castell de Ferro.

The bus takes the coastal route so we can see our walk before we do it. We start at 9.00. Neil has not yet put in his piles and then when he does the GPS keeps crashing. He can plot where we've been but can't use it for navigating and we don't know exactly how far we are going until we've done it. Neil hopes this is because he forgot to update the GPS firmware. If not, a new receiver will be needed.

The start of the walk is along the beach but soon we are back on the coast road. This is very pleasant until it rejoins the bypass when it becomes busy again. Luckily it's possible to use the beach from time to time to escape the traffic. After lunch I am shattered for some reason. We hit a narnula in a maze of plasticos. Neil finds a quick way out but I am ahead, getting out under the bridge.

We have another break quite soon where I have a power nap and after that I am compost mentis again. We keep seeing places that would be suitable for stealth camping which is what we intend to do when we cross the cape of the pussy (Cabe de Gata) where there is little public transport.

It was a very windy day. Anne's hat kept blowing off and implanting itself like a limpet on her face so it was impossible to get off. It must have been an unusual wind angle as this had never happened before.

The walk takes eight hours including breaks. If tomorrow is a nice day, we shall go to Granada with Mini. Having upset two Spanish friends by saying we should not be going there it will be amusing to do so.

Our Motríl bus has Granada as its final destination. It leaves just two minutes walk from our house so the opportunity is too good to miss. Then on Wednesday we plan to go to Adra and on Thursday to Almerimar which is probably far enough for this stretch.

In the evening we went out to buy a few things including new keys cut at the ferret shop to avoid needing to contact the concierge by ringing the invented code at the entry-phone or having to phone Mini with the mobile to get her to throw the keys down so we can get in. We were successful even for the key with serrations on the side.