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2007-02-13 - Trip 8 - Leg 54

Spain, Andalucia and Granada

La Rabita to Adra

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17 km today.
64.9 km this trip.
1036.9 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
105 metres maximum height.
174 metres ascent.
179 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus.

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Beach, plasticos, golden mile, busy coast road.


We set off at 8.00 and went to the sea front so Neil could log on. I was going to empty the lixo in the basuras near the bus stop. Neil asked where I was going now and said there were sure to be lixos the way we were going which was probably true.

We set off towards the plasticos at the far end of La Rábita. The two river deltas are shaped like boobies. Our plan was to go round them using the space between the plasticos and the beach. This generally worked well. Occasionally, when we got to a river bed, we had to climb up or down some rocks to get to the next set of plasticos.

It was at this point, well out of town, that I deposited the lixo which I had carried faithfully until this point. It went down between two large rocks to join the sheet plastic, broken pipes and chemical bottles discarded by the plastico farmers. Our small bag of rubbish made little impact on the surroundings. At one point there was a lintel set between two rocks which we had to climb up. Occasionally we saw men who had come to work in their plasticos.

I went first to see if the lintel would hold my weight. I experimented by making a step up with a jerry can like the hedgehogs in the advertisement but it was too slippery to be of use. You just have to clambour up it.

We have seen poopers, aubergines and tomatoes growing. A bit further on we came across three black men who may well have been illegal immigrants as they didn't say hello and rushed past to get out of the way. We had already been eyeing the area looking for potential bivi spots. It was possible to see how you could live by combining wild spinach and scrumped vegetables. Neil added (with toung in cheek and perfect political incorrectness) that as they would have come from the jungle they would know how to light a fire with wet driftwood.

Later on we could see that the rocks came down to the sea so we looked for a way up. The fierce road was very high up a steep bank. It was very steep and hot as today is the hottest day so far. The next stretch was along the fierce road with the occasional breaks through the villages. It was here that we saw yellow cuscuta smothering a zigurat daisy. Previously we had only seen this parasite in Gran Canaria.

At 12.00 we reach La Alcazaba. There were three cormorants drying their wings on a black rock out to sea.

At 1.45 in Lance de la Virgen we sit under some tamarisks. They have drips of water on the ends of their leaves. It must be a water preserving system. We arrive at Adra at 3.30 and go round the port to see if it is a nice place to bring Mini. The port is nice but the rest is dusty and without much of interest. When we get to the bus station, we get the tickets and ask about buses to Almerimar. You have to change in El Ejido which is better than having to go via Almería.


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