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2007-02-11 - Trip 8 - Leg 52

Spain, Andalucia and Granada

Motril to Castell de Ferro

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25.8 km today.
25.8 km this trip.
997.8 km from start.
5 metres minimum height.
561 metres maximum height.
543 metres ascent.
607 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus.

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Mountain road. Quiet after leaving Motril urban area.


We are aiming to get the 6.40 bus. There is one waiting as we arrive but it is a tourist bus for people going to be rejuveated. We wander about looking at this and that and spot a timetable in the squashed shop window. There is no bus at 6.40 but there should have been one at 6.20. We hadn't missed this however, because a young man with a book was also waiting and a chat with him revealed he had been there since 6.15 and it hadn't come. In the end we waited two hours in the dark but luckily not the cold until a bus came in. There were four of us waiting plus some late comers who wanted the later bus in the first place.

At Motríl we got some updated times. These matched the La Rábita ones so we should be all right in future. A bus not coming is extremely rare. We plotted our way out of Motríl using Neil's woomarks. It was busy at first but soon became quieter as we progressed, especially once we had passed the right turn to Calahonda.

The road headed uphill all the way through walnuts at first and then avocados. Later again it was wild. At the right turn to La Garnatilla, there was a sign showing a walking route but no use to us. We saw a new violet and orchid plus other bee orchids (brown and yellow) and a juicy orobanche or orchid new to science - to our science any way.

Right at the top was a militar and a load of brand new wind turbans. At our highest point we were 558 metres. The route number is GR 5209. The road now goes downhill eventually reaching a left turn to the north and then the white village of Gualchos.

Now Castell de Ferro is within our sights but will we get there in time for the bus which leaves Motríl at 5.00. Nothing passes us so we are hopeful. Once at the squaw, I go to the kossack to get a bottle of water. I get a big one so Neil has some and we have just taken a good swig hen the bus comes in. We don't need to wait a further hour and a half until the next one.

At La Rábita, my purse falls out of my pocket. Neil picks it up wondering whose it is. He misses the opportunity to ask if I intended to leave it on the ground outside the bus. I must check the velcro on my pocket. We make a small shopping but don't get any integral bread. When we get back we try to gain entry to our building by inventing a plausible code for Flat 2C. We get the concierge who asks us where we live and lets us in. I don't really want to disturb her every day. We may have to use the telephone method to alert Mini. She had made us a lovely supper of spaghetti and ratatouille and barcon.

25.8 km

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