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2007-02-10 - Trip 8

Spain, Andalucia and Granada

Beccles to La Rabita

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Flew from Stansted. Explored base and did shopping. Bought a woolly blanket.


Ian gave us a lift to Stansted.

The snow had completely cleared and our journey was uneventful. Pauline (Mrs Rabit) was there to meet us which was good and so was "Richard" (Braer Rabit) so they could take us straight to the apartment.

The flat had been refurnished and no longer had a "really easy to use bed settee" in the living room. What is more the other bedrooms both had double beds whereas the particulars said one had bunks so we were a bed short - not really a problem as the settee has lovely removable bouncers. There were also extra sheets in the wardrobe.

More problematic was the absence of a spare duvet or blankets. What is more is it was Saturday afternoon and, in Rincon, it had been like a morgue over the weekend. We unpacked and had a drink and then went for a walk to see if we could check the bus times we got from the internet. We couldn't see a time table but just by the bus stop was an open shop. We went in and got some supplies. The people were surly and the shop was squashed. Then we saw a much more open shop next door. I looked in and saw what looked like a stinken pinken blanket up on a shelf. Leaving my shopping bags outside, I went in and it was a lovely fluffy blanket and next to it was an even nicer green and blue one.

Neil then came in and we bought it. It was 29 euros. Neil opened it out when we got home and it was blue and green on one side and on the other had a mega poppy design in the middle. Not quite our heart's desire but at least Neil now has a bed and it will be fun taking it home on the plane.

Mini had a small problem finding the ground floor button in the lift. In the end we decided that it must be B for bum. (Bajo in Spanish).