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2005-04-01 - Trip 4

Spain, Andalucia and Cadiz

Sancti Petri to Algeciras

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100.9 km this trip.
490 km from start.
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Day trip to Algeciras.

We logged the local bus route between Novo Sancti Petri / Playa Barrosa and Chiclana. Also the route from Chiclana to Algeciras.

Day trip to Algeciras. This was to reseach a place to stay for the next leg of the walk.

Buses need a Dougle: do you understand this because I don’t? Ah yes now I do. They need a Dougle (to cut down wind noise). A Dougle is a large furry dog that surrounds a directional microphone. (Magic Roundabout)

We have noticed a difference in television weather forecasting. Debiles doesn't mean drizzle all day it means a short shower. Cloudy means one or two fluffy white clouds – also the same in Portugal.

Neil has to write the chapter on satellite positioning, google and small photographies of flowers. I will do one on language.

We are just waiting for our bus and a man is watering the plants on the traffic island. He has a hose leading from a tanker lorry containing water.

We have just missed our bus bugger bugger bugger. We went to the only bus which had Algeciras on it and found it was going in the other direction to Seville from Algeciras. By the time we had ascertained this, the other two buses marked Conil and Barbate respectively had gone. We are now waiting for the cossack (James Herriott) to open - closed for ten minutes sorry for the molestias to alter our tickets for the 12.00. This means we shan't have very long in Algeciras.

Our bus has just come in. It has a sign on it saying La Linea Rota. You need to know your route. There is no electronic signing on it. The signing on Comes buses is very confusing not only for us. Time after time, people at bus stops ask the driver where he is going, and at bus stations there is no way of knowing which direction the bus is travelling in.

Not all buses show their number and timetables give routes but again no numbers. Many bus stops simply show a number but not the route. Only local people know what they are doing and even they are sometimes confused.

The bus journey to Algeciras.

It's a good job we didn't go off to get a carvar (explain origin) as our bus came in 20 minutes early. This is the very same bus on which we came back from Rota. I recognise the broken seat backs in the reclining position which I abandoned that time. So if we had timed it right and known our stuff we could have gone to and returned from Rota without changing at Cádiz.

On this road going east from Chiclana there are again lots of storks nesting. Indeed every pylon has a nest on it with a stork standing up in it. Obviously they must prefer somewhere slightly inland as we have seen very few storks previously on our coastal walks.

O Lotus near Carvoeiro was the most tiring lunch place and that was where we slumped down in a lixu to sleep it off. We are tired now after only water so it is not necessarily the wine which is tiring.

We have lunch at the Pollo Caporal. Good job we didn't order a whole salad each at Pollo Caporal in Algeciras because we couldn't finish one between us. Indeed we thought they had brought us one each.

The chicken was pressure deep fried and OK but not so good as the chicken on the spit from Chiclana.
On this route there was a plethora of wind farms. It is a very windy location as we are close to the Straits of Gilbraltar and this acts as a kind of funnel.

Algeciras is a busy and noisy port with a few quieter and more pleasant areas. It would make a good base for travelling around the region and visiting north Africa.