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2005-03-31 - Trip 4 - Leg 26

Spain, Andalucia and Cadiz

Chiclana to Novo Sancti Petri

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10.4 km today. Mini came too.
1.2 km/h average today.
8 hours 52 mins walking time.
100.9 km this trip.
490 km from start.
4 metres minimum height.
47 metres maximum height.
76 metres ascent.
81 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus.

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Unexpected busy road with no escape.

Chiclana de la Frontera to El Playa de Novo Sancti Petri. We expected this walk to be along an unmade country road. In fact the route had been "improved" and was rather busy. The only saving grace was a cycle track giving space to walk a couple of metres away from the traffic. We did not find a nicer alternative.

We leave the Chiclana bus station and cross over the bridge, beyond. Then we head broadly south, under the tower with a clock on it, and past the church in the Plaza Mayor.

This is the first day that Mini has come with us apart from the river crossing and it is sod's law that this walk starts with a huge long ascent. All previous walks have been pretty much on the level.

The only saving grace is that there is a cycle track as well as a hard shoulder so the road is wide and we are away from the traffic.

We have just tried a side turning to see if we can find an alternative way through. It aborts and we go back to the road.

Eventually we get to Fuente Amarga but the road is still horrible.

Today was supposed to be a lovely walk for Mini on unmade roads but EU funding has made major "improvements" possible. We have our breaks in fields beside the road which is not too bad.

The distance from Chiclana to Novo Sancti Petri was 10.6 km at 3.4 km/h average speed. The paradox is that yesterday we expected motorways but we found unmade pecuarias. Today when we thought it would be a little lane it is a major tarmac road.

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