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2005-04-02 - Trip 4 - Leg 27

Spain, Andalucia and Cadiz

Sancti Petri to Novo Sancti Petri

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11.9 km today. Mini came too.
1.1 km/h average today.
10 hours 37 mins walking time.
112.8 km this trip.
501.9 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
32 metres maximum height.
45 metres ascent.
50 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus.

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Quiet tree lined roads.

Playa Barrosa to Novi Sancti Petri. This circular walk near our accommodation added only a kilometre or two to our route. We explored the shops, restaurants and local streets.

Rain is forecast so we have a lie in. I am glad because it is Fosomax day and I need 30 minutes between getting up, taking the medcine and having breakfast. I wash my hair and pyjamas. I just get them (the pyjamas not the hair) hung out when the rain starts. Luckily it is very debil and lasts only a short time. I manage to continue with my embroidery to little effect as I had started it in the wrong place previously and failed to notice in time so it'll all have to come out. I might have got away with it with a floral pattern but this is symmetrical so it has to be right.

The rain lasts only a few minutes so we decide to do the Novi Sancti Petri to the end of the bus route walk today to make tomorrow's walk shorter.

My right foot has recovered. The left one can follow on so we're ready to continue. I take my swimming things so I can duly immerse myself in the Gulf of Cádiz. We walk all the way from our house as the stretch is not long - some 6 km in all. Mini guarded our things on the beach opposite the bus stop where we got on two days ago and Neil and I went to the bus stop and back to fill in the space between there and the beach. We brought back ice creams.

After a siesta on the beach - luxury, I went for my swim. I had failed to bring the piece of sponge I had cut myself in loco booby but found a pair of knickers suitably squashed up and pinned on made a reasonable substitute especially on an uncrowded beach. The sea was too rough for swimming but I knirpsed and that will have to do unless it quietens down later on. In the afternoon.

During this break, my umbrella, erected to keep off the sun blew away with a sandal attached to it (to prevent just that) and you had to launch yourself into the Atlantic waves to get it back. Very important as I had only one pair of shoes with me.

Neil and I walked along the beach as far as opposite the last bus stop of Sancti Petri where we shall begin our walk tomorrow. He had way-marked it so we new when to turn round. Neil took of his shoes and stockings and paddled (Pirates of Penzance).

In the evening we had dinner at Meson Casa Vasca. Neil had solomillo and roquefort and courgettes and chips and I had duck in raspberry sauce but nothing with it so I had Mini's salad. We couldn't giver her any of our meat as it was tough but we gave her other things.

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