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2013-10-28 - Trip 22 - Leg 179

Italy, Lombardia and Veneto Brescia and Verona

Desenzano to Peschiera

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16.2 km today.
49.3 km this trip.
3704 km from start.
42 metres minimum height.
103 metres maximum height.
58 metres ascent.
140 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Walk, Train.

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Boring main road for the first half. Lakside paths for the second half. Nice. Peschiera is interesting. Hot humid.

Lake Garda promised wonderful views but reality rarely matches the dream.

The first half of the walk was a disappointment. Many years ago, rich property developers had probably bribed officials to allow water side development. What should have been a waterside stroll was actually a hot humid slog along the main road looking at security fences and getting barked at by large aggresive dogs.

Mid way, there was a waterside path, closed for maintenance by the health and safety loons. The hairy arse fence had been vandalised so it was perfectly possible to get through. Dog walkers, cyclists and Neil all ignored the path closure. At the start of the lakeside path Neil spotted a baby viper wiggling to safety in the watetside rocks.

Finally there was a nice waterside path with seats and amenities (all closed for the winter). It was still foggy so there were no views of the mountains at the far end of the lake.

Peschiera del Garda was interesting with fortifications dropping into the lake, river and canals cut for the purpose. The sun had come out and there were attractive pleasure boats, also closed for the winter.

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