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2013-10-27 - Trip 22 - Leg 178

Italy, Lombardia Brescia

Rezzato to Desenzano

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21.3 km today.
33.1 km this trip.
3687.8 km from start.
78 metres minimum height.
201 metres maximum height.
146 metres ascent.
204 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Taxi, Walk, Train.

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Quiet roads and cycle paths closed to traffic. Nice. Hot humid.

The free bus could have been used but the Sunday service was less frequent and the bus stop was 700 metres from the station. Neil splashed out on a rare taxi which cost a pricy EUR 17 for such a short run.

The start of walk was really nice. After negotiating crash bariers and embankments a farm and woodland track ran so straight, it must have been the old Roman road. There was an easier way to reach this track but this road was so new that Google Earth and the maps did not show it. The Roman road soon turned back to tarmac but it was not busy. Nearer Desenzano, the route was closed to road traffic and limited to cyclists and pedestrians. Even nearer the destination, there was a well waymarked woodland and farm footpath. This walk was about as nice as they get with traffic free ways.

At Pontenove, the road crossed an unusual bridge with a roof in the middle. There was plenty of water in the shallow stony bed. There were more canals and streams later.

Eventually Lake Garda failed to come into view. The weather was hazy, verging on foggy and anything more than a couple of hunderd metres away faded into the mist. These warm, damp humid conditions made walking quite sweaty.