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2012-06-10 - Trip 21

Italy, Lombardia Milano

Milano Bergamo to Beccles

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0 km today.
147.5 km this trip.
3654.7 km from start.
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 Travel: Walk, Bus, Flight, Bus, Car.
5.00 Euros.

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A 3 a.m. alarm with walk to Milano Centrale bus station for the bus to Bergamo. A flight to Stansted, the bus to the car park and a car drive home.

The alarm was set for 3 am. A final breakfast and packing up the 9.9 kg Ryanair sized rucksack. It was too early to get the Metro so there was a 2.6 km walk to Milano Centrale. This was nice in the dawn quiet although it was hot and humid. There was heavy rain later.

The no check-in needed and flight were routine. The airport at Bergamo has not really kept up with its expansion. The entrance was heavingly busy. The route through security was fine but there was an obvious lack of space. Then there were nice shops to ignore. The route to gate 11 was fun. The decor deteriorated progressively and the final departure lounge was similar to RAF Wildentath back in the late 1960s. It's true that the building was newer and there were proper airport seats but in all other respects it was a hanger. The toilets had no urinals and the cubicle was so small that wearing a rucksack, it was impossible to turn round. It was necessary to reverse out. None of these were serious problems and the flight was OK and on time. The reviews that say "Don't fly to Bergamo" are just silly.

Back in England, the drive home was uneventful, finally arriving at about 2 pm. Average speed about 130 km/h.

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