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2012-04-03 - Trip 20 - Leg 158

Italy, Liguria Imperia

San Remo to Imperia Porto Maurizio

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23.5 km today.
3.6 km/h average today.
6 hours 27 mins walking time.
43.8 km this trip.
3258.8 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
27 metres maximum height.
68 metres ascent.
128 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Train, Train.
20.60 Euros.

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With the exception of 2.5 km on the main road, this was really nice with a disused railway converted to cycle and pedestrian use. Impera was impressive.

The 06:07 Ventimiglia train from Genova Piazza Principe departed on time. Neil got out at San Remo.

After shopping for bread, cheese, pate and washing up liquid, the walk began in fine weather. On TV the forecast said there would be a low pressure system with rain. I got quite sunburned. For much of the day it was possible to follow the disused railway which had been converted into a cycle and pedestrian track. There were four converted tunnels. The last was 1500 metres long and at one point, neither end was visible. All the tunnels were in good repair and well lit.

All too soon, this delightful route turned back into a proper railway and the main road had to be used. This was too narrow for comfort with no footpath and quite busy so this was somewhat dangerous. This lasted 2.5 km but it felt further.

At Imperia there are two stations 1.9 km apart. As the walk was long (my GPS satnag lied) I stopped at the earlier station. After cleaning up the errors caused by the tunnels which had me walking at over 1000 kph, the distance reduced from 26.7 km down to the more realistic truth of 23.5 km. I thought I'd made faster than normal progress. This is not a bad distance for day 2 so I'm happy.

The return train journey needed a change at Savona. The platform sign operators were on strike so I missed my connection. This was not a major setback. I bought a bottle of water and made a picnic supper on the station. The later train stopped at Genova Piazza Principe Sott. I was not sure what this meant. On arrival it was yet another platform further underground than the rest. Following the signs to the numbered platforms quickly had me back on familiar territory. I'm not sure why the timetables make the distinction other than identifying the underground platform.