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2012-04-01 - Trip 20

Italy, Liguria Genova

Genova to Local Area

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0 km today.
0 km this trip.
3215 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
365 metres maximum height.
419 metres ascent.
419 metres descent.
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A steep urban walk up lots of steps to a forest park at the top. This was not part of the route across Europe.

The trains were on strike so the planned walk from Ventimiglia was off. Some trains were running but none on the coastal route.

Plan B was to do a local walk to get fit.

My 1:50000 map showed some nice looking paths in the hills so I plotted a track for my hand-held GPS satnag. This was a mistake. It would have worked far better just to set a bearing and go. Genova is full of steep steps linking the road levels. These pedestrian routes are really nice but not well mapped. My GPS path didn't work at all but I reached the mountain paths using the myriad of alternative ways. The walk home was much easier. Head in the right direction and find the nearest steps.

Now these are serious steps. After 3 km and 1200 feet of climbing, I arrived at the top of the funicolare. Feeling slightly robbed, but glad of the exercise, I headed for the parkland forrest walks. These were very nice and easy to reach for the locals. My map showed far more paths so this might be a good base for a walking holiday.

This outing was interesting and in the wilder areas at the top, quite a delight. The climbing will have done me good. The walk including some dead endss was short but strenuous; a good preparation for the days ahead.

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