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2011-04-22 - Trip 19 - Leg 154

France, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur_Alpes Maritimes

Cannes to Nice_St Augustin

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29.8 km today.
3.6 km/h average today.
8 hours 20 mins walking time.
284.1 km this trip.
3163.7 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
52 metres maximum height.
135 metres ascent.
192 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Train.
7.70 Euros.

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Busy roads most of the way occasionally relieved by a stretch on the sea front. It was windy and cool so I stayed inland some of the time.

Not the best of days. The 06:10 train was fine. The walk started at sun rise. Being so close to Nice, it was impossible to avoid roads with heavy traffic. The only saving grace was the presence of pavements because it was also the coastal belt full of tourists.

There are no photos today. Neil lost his camera at Nice, St. Augustin (Airport) railway station. He was sorting out his rucksack and to make sure the camera wasn't stolen by pick pockets in Nice, the plan was to move it from the trousers side pocket to the rucksack. Only the first bit of the plan was completed because the packing arrangements were too muddling. There was all the food for the Easter weekend. Someone will have found it and might make good use of it if they can find a compatible charger and cables and make it work without the book of instructions. It's clearly possible to be too neurotic about safety and security. The walk was so boring that there were only two or three photos anyway. One of a millionaires yacht at Cannes and one or two to show how busy the roads were. There were views of snowy peaks in the far distance but they would not have photographed well.

There are two more days walking. The mobile phone camera will have to suffice.

Now losing the GPS receiver would be a disaster. Although the roads today were horrible, at least there were very few mistakes and backtracks. Getting stuck on the wrong side of a railway or autoroute or going up the wrong valley can add many kilometres to a route.

When we decided the rules for this walk, we should have allowed ourselves to leave out the boring bits. The problem with that idea is that you have to do the walk to see how bad it is. Often there are nice surprises such as the cycle and pedestrian routes near Cádiz in Spain. There were ribbons of park land with seats and trees. You could always find a place to pee! No such luck today. Perhaps that accounts for the lack of concentration at St Augustin station.

A lesser disaster was the snapping of the plastic picnic knife while spreading paté. Plastic knives are all that's allowed through airport security. The handle of the plastic spoon is good for spreading butter and runny cheese but cuts bread very badly.

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