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2011-02-22 - Trip 18 - Leg 138

France, Languedoc Roussillon_Herault and Gard

Lunel to Generac

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24.5 km today.
3.6 km/h average today.
6 hours 51 mins walking time.
52.7 km this trip.
2782.2 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
83 metres maximum height.
116 metres ascent.
105 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Walk, Bus.
6.20 Euros.

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Mostly quiet lanes and a section of disused railway. Joined the pilgrim trail to Santiago, going the wrong way.

The weather was back to normal with trick rain that makes you open your umbrella but then stops. The 07:19 train from Nîmes to Narbonne left on time. The second stop was Lunel. The walk through town was short and soon joined a traffic free and disused railway. The early parts of the walk stayed close to these tracks but often not on them because thay had been left to go wild with brambles and trees. The river Vidourie could be crossed using the old railway bridge. After this the tracks were not useful. Today's path joined the Pilgrims Way to Santiago de la Compostela, of course heading in the wrong direction. A large group of cheerful walkers were heading west. It would have been a good idea to ask if they were pilgrims. Too late now. It was easy to locate the bus stop in Générac. It cost EUR 1 for 14 kilometres. There were only four people on the bus.

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