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2011-02-21 - Trip 18 - Leg 137

France, Languedoc Roussillon_Herault

Montpellier to Lunel

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28.2 km today.
3.4 km/h average today.
8 hours 20 mins walking time.
28.2 km this trip.
2757.7 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
74 metres maximum height.
41 metres ascent.
268 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Walk, Train.
14.00 Euros.

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About 20km along a canal. Nice. The rest was on roads, busy in Montpellier and not too bad in Lunel.

Neil was caught out by the weather! Last October was cold and windy so it seemed reasonable to assume it might be similar or slightly worse in February. In fact it was warm and sunny and dehydration and sun burn were the problems - apart from being fat and unfit after a lazy winter.

The first 5km leaving Montpellier were not too nice. It's quite a big city. Then the narrow traffic free lanes started. There was one problem crossing a busy dual carriage way. It was impossible to find a gap in the fast and dense traffic so a detour of about 700 metres was needed to get under the road.

Later the route joined the Canal Philippe Lamour and stayed with it for most of the rest of the walk. This is a water supply canal and not navigable but there are access and maintenance roads along both sides most of the way. One potential problem solved itself. Crossing the main line railway looked tricky on a Google earth route preview. Fortunately many local people had had the same problem and if the line had ever been fenced, all evidence was long gone. There was a well used path.

Back home, feeling dead tired, Neil inspected the shower and was gratified to find liquid soap for hair shampooing and washing of the corpse. Literal translations are such fun and sometimes more appropriate than correct ones.

Transport Costs: EUR 14.00.