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2007-04-07 - Trip 9

Spain, Andalucia and Almeria

Retamar to Almeria Airport

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0 km today.
73.6 km this trip.
1159.1 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
0 metres maximum height.
0 metres ascent.
0 metres descent.
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 Travel: Bus, Hire Car.

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Used the wrong bus so a 5.6 km unplanned walk.


We had a lie-in. Later we made a small shopping and walked home laden with food for Easter and the following week. At about 15:30 we got the Almería bus. In Almería we helped an English man find the number 20 bus stop. He wanted to go to the airport too. A local man gave us wrong information so we caught a number 30 which sailed past the Airport on the Autovia. At retamar we walked 5.7 km back to our correct destination. This was a pleasant route across scrubland. At the airport we collected out hire-car.

We are spending today at home because once we have the car it will be back to forced marches. We had a lie in and then went to Mercadona where we said we would just get enough for a couple of days but ended up emptying the shop as usual. Indeed, we bought more than usual because there were three of us putting in what we fancied rather than just two. Still what we've got should more or less see us out. We nearly stole a man's bag of bread. It looked identical to ours and we were nearly out of the shop before he rushed over to rescue it. We apologised and he saw the funny side.

In spite of the dismal weather forecast Neil saw yesterday, the weather today is much better so the foc is beginning to do its work.

Today I actually do some, embroidery which was nice. Then at 3.30pm Neil and I set off to the airport to get the car ready for tomorrow's forced march. We are going from San Jose to La Isleta del Moro. With the car, we can only walk half the distance because we have always to return to the car. On Monday, we plan to do La Isleta del Moro to Las Negras and back. On Tuesday we plan to do Las Negras to Agua Amarga and on Wednesday we shall do Agua Amarga to Carboneras. On Thursday we shall do Carboneras to Mojácar hoping that there is a coastal bus to take us back to Carboneras where we shall leave the car.

We catch an Alsina Graells to Almeria. Is this our last Alsina Graells? In Almeria, we get some bus times for Carboneras and Mojácar. While we are doing this an English man asks for a bus to the airport. He is told en la calle (in the street). I catch up with him and say "come with us" because the location of the bus stop is not at all apparent and he has luggage with him. When we get there a man says they are only one an hour on Saturdays and one has just gone. This seems unlikely for an airport route. Our friend decides to get something to eat. We see a number 30 Retamar bus come in and decide to take it as it goes right past the airport. Unfortunately we fly past the airport on the motorway and do not stop until we get to El Toyo Hospital in Retamar. Neil estimates we have 6km to walk back. He has been GPS logging on all the way. We set off back down a lovely pecuaria and through the village of El Alquilan. On the way are several tureens some of which have running water in them. One had a crossing place with a large ammonite fossil in the stepping stone. We saw some huge juicy thistles too. In the event it was only about 5.7 km to the airport which we did in just over an hour.