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2007-04-06 - Trip 9

Spain, Andalucia and Almeria

Aguadulce to Local Area

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Dull weather, Rest Day.

Friday dawned dull and got worse. The TV has been reporting freak weather in various parts of Spain with footage of elderly ladies wating to be rescued from the floods. We are glad we're in the driest part of the country. There were growls of thunder while the sun shon briefly for the photos in the gallery. At least we did not spot another tornado (see Thursday). Another 25c allowed Neil to check his e-mail in the Locutorio. The car hire booking seems to have worked.

In the morning, Neil and I go out to the cyber-café to check if our booking has been successful. It has. It costs 25 cents again.

Then, as it is cold, we decide we will buy a foc for Mini on Saturday. No sooner have we decided this than we see an open all hours which sells focs. There are three types and we buy the cheapest as it only has to last nine days. Buying a heater is the most likely way to make the weather get warmer.

In the afternoon we do a second circuit to finish the walk and buy some ice-cream for afters. We get two tubs one of capuccino and one of caramel.

For supper we have salmon, asparagus, salad, pasta, strawberries and caramel ice-cream. The ice-cream is fantastic.