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2006-12-30 - Trip 7

Spain, Andalucia and Malaga

Rincon de la Victoria to Local Area

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Day on beach, Chicken and fried patatas. Nice.

We got to the Pollos Asados at 12.50. It was open but none of the pollos was ready. Neil and Mini were going on ahead to a strategic point on the beach. I placed an order and followed them down. I was to go back in 20 minutes. When I got there, our chicken was ready with some patatas and alioli. It came to 9 euros.

Someone else had ordered a chest (chicken breast) casserole and it looked delicious. In addition, there was a variety of other things and I wished we had come here sooner so we could try out some of the other things. We had an afternoon on the beach which was really nice and I used my large umbrella for once.

We had planned to do a short walk but we just read and slept in the warm new year's eve sunshine.

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