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2006-12-25 - Trip 7

Spain, Andalucia and Malaga

Rincon de la Victoria to Local Area

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Christmas day on the beach.

The Walk

After a nice lie in, we caught a bus to a point about 2 km west of the centre of Rincón de la Victoria. We walked back to our flat along the coastal path. The most interesting feature was a small cluster of tunnels through a rocky outcrop. This made the walk easy for Mini who is finding steps and slopes difficult now that she is in her mid 80s.

We had a smoked salmon Christmas lunch on the beach in warm sun shine. Christmas dinner was chicken roasted with onion, garlic and dried apricots. Mini had made some wonderful stuffing from bacon, bread, onion, apricot and other ingredients. All very nice.

Today we get a day off. We have a lie in and then get the 11.45 bus to Cala del Moral. For lunch we take the salman and the philly which had been going to be yesterday's supper but Mini had made cauliflower cheese.

It was the surly bus driver and he didn't understand my request for a ticket two stops beyond Rincón and wanted us to get off at Rincón. I went forward and explained and in the end he agreed I had said what I said I had said. In any case the price of ticket was the same so it made no difference in any way. To get his own back he passed two bus stops before stopping in the centre of Cala del Moral. This lengthened our walk a bit but put us well beyond the tunnels. It wasn’t too bad as the one I had specified was probably not quite far enough along.

The caves of the treasure are nearer us than we thought as they are here. The caves at the cement factory Goliath must have another name. We walk along the beach towards the tunnels and have an ice cream (note stress change – we stress the cream, but recently, it has become more usual to stress the ice) and then head back through the tunnels.

After the tunnels we have lunch - salman and philly and then carry on back, stopping occasionally for a break and even stretching out for one of them. One kilometre from home, Neil sets off fast to start the chicken for Christmas dinner. We are having chicken, bead sauce, home-made stuffing (I thought Mini had nicked my stuffing and ruined it but she hadn't - she had made her own stuffing which she thought was runny but actually it was nice, cauliflower, smorred (a German recipe) sweet potatoes and roast garlic. For pudding we had Christmas cake with brandy.