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2006-04-15 - Trip 6

Spain, Andalucia and Malaga

Estepona to Local Area

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0 km today.
149.4 km this trip.
844.3 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
341 metres maximum height.
0 metres ascent.
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Local walk. 16.5km

Estepona Local Walk. We headed inland, climbing about 1000 feet (300 metres). Of all the walks on this trip, this one had the most interesting terrain and plants.

Neil and I wait an hour before setting off as it is raining. We then plot a route out of town which will get us on to the road to Ronda. We manage this with just one detour which is not too bad. It is humid and steamy.

I am using the Differo today to see if I can make it work quickly. I have discovered a way to record one message after another in quick succession. This is easier than I had expected as you can leave it turned on.

Our route out of town leads us past the Huerta Nueva which is locked so we skirt it. We turn right and left and right and left to make our way to the Ronda road. We achieve this with only one dead end which is quite good. The walk is disappointing in that we never do manage get off the fierce (surfaced road). To achieve that you'd need to take a taxi to the left turn that goes up to the antennas.

We cross over the motorway and head uphill. It is still quite early and there is no traffic on our road. We can see our house behind us.

We see blue orobanche, white orobanche, yellow orobanche, red pea, cytisus various, cistus 2 pink on sage leaf one small dark green two white one large one small, lavender two types, daisies many, white bunnies, pink bunnies, valerian type, purple phlomis and three-cornered leek.

At lunch we go off the road, and are rewarded by the sight of a salamander and a bluish purple orchid called a limodorum. We have an illustration only of the limodorum abortivum which this isn't, but nothing else comes close to looking like it. At last we have an orchid and a new flower all in one. We return the same way.

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