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2011-04-25 - Trip 19

France, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur_Alpes Maritimes

Nice to Beccles

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It was nice to escape the filthy hotel carpet. The train ride from the centre of Nice to St Augustin only took a few minutes. The walk from St Augustin station to the airport was laughable. Of course you are supposed to use the bus. There was a pedestrian crossing that led to a flower bed. A new path led into but not out of a car park. The airport was nice but completely pedestrian unfriendly. There is a mountain melt-water river less than 200 metres west of terminal two. This would be a beautiful place to wait but walking the few metres to get to it might defeat you.

There was quite a long wait for the flight so out came the Asus EEE laptop and some A Level Electronics projects got marked.

The Easyjet flight was on time and routine but everything felt glacial after the Ryanair experience.

Back in England, the weather was similar to Nice. After a child vomited on the bus ride to the car-park, it was a very nice drive home in daylight with all the trees in blossom and with the spring leaves budding.