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2011-04-17 - Trip 19 - Leg 150

France, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur and Var

Gonfaron to Les Arcs

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28.9 km today.
3.3 km/h average today.
8 hours 46 mins walking time.
184.9 km this trip.
3064.5 km from start.
34 metres minimum height.
192 metres maximum height.
296 metres ascent.
496 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Train, Train.
26.10 Euros.

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Long with some strenuous sections nearer Les Arcs. Mostly quiet roads.

The trains were on time today and there was a full 19 minute correspondence. Toulon to Les Arcs and then doubling back to Gonfaron.

So the walk started at 08:30. 06:30 is a better time to start because you get less sun burn. Also this was a long walk being more than two hours longer than some. The heading was north east. Up to now the walks have headed south east or the weather has been cloudy or hazy. There was less shade today. You can tell what's coming next. I got sun burned on the areas that have been less exposed up to now. The backs of the legs and one elbow. They are a bit sore. This is a silly mistake to make because there was a tube of factor 15 sun block in the rucksack.

The walk was very nice apart from one error. I must have been sleep walking because I crossed the autoroute and railway too soon and finished up on one of the hated main roads. It would have been safer to back track a little but instead I found another way under the railway. Trapped between the railway and the autoroute was worrying but only for a short time when the corrected error met the original planned route.

The first half of the walk was on empty lanes. Then the autoroute parallel service roads got used for a while. These deteriorated into mountain tracks used by motor/trial bikers and mountain bikers. One was so steep, I had trouble getting up it. I needed those pointy ice attachments for my toes to grip the lose gravel.

There was less to photograph on this walk but there were more entertainments.

First there was the aero modeling field where model helicopters and other planes were being flown. Not a diesel engine or chopped off finger in sight. They had all gone electric using the light weight lithium ion batteries. This was a good spot for first lunch.

Then there was trial biking followed soon afterwards by the parachute club where a light aircraft was taking up the jumpers. A helicopter hanger had been built across my planned path but a small diversion sorted that one out.

Finally there was radio controlled model go-karting.

Back at Les Arcs there was another long wait for the 19:07 to Toulon. The train was very full but I was lucky and got a seat. I really needed it too.

Instant packet soup and a sandwich for supper. The food should be better tomorrow with the shops open again and possibly an earlier return to base.

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