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2011-02-25 - Trip 18 - Leg 141

France, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur_Bouches-du-Rhone

Saint Martin de Crau to Miramas

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19.3 km today.
4.1 km/h average today.
4 hours 43 mins walking time.
121.8 km this trip.
2851.3 km from start.
16 metres minimum height.
64 metres maximum height.
90 metres ascent.
89 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train, Walk, Train.
30.70 Euros.

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Very quiet lanes until the main road into Miramas. Here the wind was more of a problem than the traffic.

There was no direct train to Saint Martin de Crau so a detour via Avignon was needed. The ticket machine had not heard of Saint Martin de Crau. The man at the ticket office was insistent that there was no such station. Only when I produced my composted ticket from the day before did the official believe and agree to sell a ticket. Sadly the train crossed the Rhône near Tarascon so we were not Sur le pont d'Avignon. The walk was very direct, on lanes and in fields for the first half and on a main road for the last few kilometres. The Acuweather website said it would be breezy and indeed there was a minor gale blowing. Fortunately it was on the left shoulder so it aided progress if not balance. The walk was pleasantly rural until the military base where there were well spaced huts, presumably containing explosives judging by the double fence security.

The expected return train did not exist but alternatives were available involving a change at Arles, fortunately with a shorter wait this time.

Transport Costs: EUR 30.70.

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