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2009-04-11 - Trip 15 - Leg 116

Spain, Catalunya and Barcelona

Canet-de-Mar to Blanes

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22 km today.
150.1 km this trip.
2308 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
34 metres maximum height.
40 metres ascent.
35 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train.

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Marine parades, beach paths, railway line parallel path, short road legs and farm roads.

As we get further from our Barcelona base, we get up earlier in the morning. We got the 06:47 train to Canet de Mar. During our ride, there was a major thunder storm. When we arrived at Canet, it was still wet and windy. We set out anyway. The day gradually dried out and became fine and warm. Our clothes dried and eventually so did our socks.

The route was becoming rather familiar in pattern. We used beach paths, marine parades and the narrow track beside the railway. At one point we risked walking through a short railway tunnel. It was single track line and the tunnel was wide enough for two. Also a train had just gone through so we were sure there would not be another for a few minutes. Fortunately we were right and lived to tell the tail.

Being Easter Saturday, the crowds built up. Lots of families, friendly dogs, runners and cyclists shared our route. We have had days when it was so busy that the walk became tedious but today it was fine and enjoyable. Later our route headed inland and we only met a few farm workers.

On our return train ride it was clear that not everyone had stayed dry like us. There were wet roads and traffic throwing up spray. Back in Barcelona we re-stocked our freezer with Häagen Dazs ice cream.

Today was my Fosomax day and I was unduly rushed. Amazingly my mustang had everything in it for a day out and I was ready in time to catch the 6.48 train to Canet. As I got dressed, I could hear the raining pouring down into my tuberia. I had decided to put everything into my drybag and leave my sunhat at home to encourage the weather to be hot and dry. I failed to take my other medication and left my glasses behind. So I wasn't actually ready at all.

It had stopped raining by the time we set of to the Arc de Triomf. The same could not be said when we exited the underground section beyond El Clot. There was a regular thunder storm with huge flashes of lightning and mighty thunder claps afterwards. In the past, we would have had a lovely day off reading and catching up with our worms. Now we set off regardless. It was still raining in Canet but not nearly so hard. We set off pleased that the wind had dropped and that it was no longer in our face.

We had to cross a river mouth which was normally dry but we could see the water surging towards the sea. We just managed to make it to the far side before the surge of water reached the water line where we would have risked being washed out to sea.

At Sant Pol de Mar we went into the Grimol bakery and got a lovely tuna and mushroom and everything else pizza-type open baguette. We had a section of it straight away on the nearest chairs. The walk was mainly along the beach or the railway line with occasional detours inland a bit where there was no apparent coastal route. On one occasion we realised we could have stayed near the line. We even went through a live tunnel but I decided it was OK because a train had just gone through and it was by now a single line track. We saw Canary lobelia, blue lupins, cheerful bunny flowers and lavender. By late morning it was sunny and we were able to spread all our things out to dry on the beach.

It was quite trippery in Campello and Malgrat but beyond these resorts we headed inland towards Blanes. As has happened to us before we made our approach to the station from the back and had to be let through the exit machines by the ticket man to buy our tickets. I had been going to ask for a timetable but the train was due to leave and I didn't have time. We have been very lucky with our trains so far. It can't last.

As we approached Barcelona we noticed that the streets were wet and a seat at one of the stations had obviously just been rained on. We had been very lucky to have a day which apart from the start had been dry and bright and often sunny as well. Once back in Barcelona we popped into Condis to get some more activia and ice cream. Tomorrow we head inland on a different section of our route. There will be ascents so I expect it will be hot. Our menus here include a lot of garlic. We understand it is good for arthritis and libido. Neither of us has a trace of arthritis and come to think of it not much libido either so it must be working.