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2008-12-29 - Trip 13 - Leg 98

Spain, Castellon

Orpesa to Torreblanca

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16.4 km today.
194 km this trip.
1933.1 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
21 metres maximum height.
21 metres ascent.
21 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Car, Train, Car.

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60 year storm damaged sea front. Then orchards and reeds.

We drove from Vinarós to Torreblanca. There we caught the train to Orpesa. The walk back to Torreblanca was very nice although it was cool and there was dark cloud and occasional light drizzle. After the deserted December sea front, there were reed beds on our right and orchards on our left. The scrumped satsuma supply was reinstated on this stretch. The roads were almost completely empty. We found a crab beetle suffering from the cold. As it was hardly moving we got some good close-up photos. We wonder if this is a rare creature. We have never seen one before.

There is now a normal train timetable again. We drive to Torreblanca. We see the railway line and head towards it. Somehow we end up on the wrong side of the station. We head along a dark narrow track hoping there is access from both sides. We pass a man pushing his bike. Once level with the station, we see there is no official entrance this way. We turn round and head back. We pass the man again. Once at the station we are heading for the platform and there is our man with the bike again. There is a way through after all.

A couple are having a domestic in the waiting room. I stay in view to stop the man hitting the woman again. We get the 7.48 train to Torreblanca. The number 10 taxi is sitting there again. We don’t see the man from the flat. Our route goes along the sea, through reeds, orange groves, almond trees and artichoke fields. Now with the greater crop diversity, we start to see hoopoes, paired but not hooping. As it is spitting with rain, we have lunch on a verandah under the sloping roof of a disused shack. There was even a concrete seat to sit on and all quite dry. We approach the station along the dark narrow track we had used in error in the morning. Once at the station, we could see how the cyclist had made his approach. You cross two disused tracks, climb up on to the platform and then use the subway to get to where you need to be.

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