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2008-04-05 - Trip 12

Spain, Alicante

Altea to Rio Algar

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Riverside short walk through orchards. GPS still working with broken glass.

We went for a short walk parallel with the Rio Algar. North of the river there is not much road traffic and at one point, the path fades completely as you cross an orange orchard. This short section might be a trespass but no-one stopped us.

We walked a short way up the river Guadalest and back. Today I have shingles after yesterday's descent. I was awake for much of the night because we had supper late and I needed to get up and pee five times. I was enjoying a delicious morning snooze when I was awakened by Neil opening my door. He failed to complete the process however because he remembered just too late that I don't have breakfast straight away on Saturdays as it is Fosomax day. As I was now awake I got up, had the tablet and a glass of water and then fiddled about for 30 minutes. I wondered if I couldn't now eat the breakfast Neil had made me but discovered that he had eaten it himself after having his own.

I made a fresh breakfast with hot toast. Neil's kneemoania isn't too bad but we will just do a short walk today. I transcribe another line of Baba yetu onto graph paper ready to embroider it and put in the first letter but make it too big and have to redo it. I also decide to redo a capital letter at the beginning of the previous line as it looks all wrong. The embroidery is now in a fit condition to be left until the next holiday - probably not May as this will be without Mini and a forced march without rest days.

We have heard no cuckoos nor have we seen any bee eaters. Maybe we will see them in May. We have lunch at 12. Mini decides to wait until later. She goes Spanish in Spain but I can't. After lunch we go for a walk along the river bank - just 8km but it fees like nothing. There is lots of water in the river. We hear frogs and moorhens and see herons. We find a new flower. It looks like sedum but with non succulent leaves. The river has lots of water in it. The floods causing landslides were last October. There is a sign explaining repair works being carried out to the river mouth as a result of the damage.

On the way we pick up a couple of integral baguettes for our made-up sandwiches. I telephone the Calp Ian about our pick-up tomorrow confirming the time as Mini and I are in disagreement over what was arranged. I finish my killer sudoku. It has taken pretty well the whole holiday to do it. Now I am finishing Asesinato en la Moneda by Elizabeth Subercaseaux. I have finished my second Ruth Rendell so I will have read four books. The weather has been glorious - just the occasional clouding over for part of one or two days to remind us not to take the cloudless skies and uninterrupted sunshine for granted.

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