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2008-04-03 - Trip 12

Spain, Alicante

Rest Day to Local Area

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1739.1 km from start.
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Today we had a lie-in. Later in the morning we all walked along the high street looking for an owl or an elephant. We were unsuccessful. Mini wanted one for a gift for a friend. We had a picnic lunch near the port. There we decided that the boat trips were not yet running. We also failed to find Pedro to book a taxi for Friday morning when we plan to cross the coll north-east of Puig Campana. The main road through Altea is full of heavy traffic so we returned home on the train.

Today I am going to try and find a Valencia Tart shop in Altea. This will give a focus to an outing. Also Mini wants an owl or an elephant so we can go via the one-to-me shops and see what there is. We never found a tart or an owl or an elephant but we had a nice picnic at the port. We decide to go back on the vlak and I get three tickets from the machine. A train is due in about 20 minutes. Once on the platform, and the train having arrived, Mini and Neil get in but I am obstructed by an officious man shouting No subir! No subir! Well if you want to go to Denia you need to get the replacement bus. If you are going to Alicante you should wait for the train to go to Garganes and back although if you didn't it wouldn't really matter. You just stay on and come back again. If however you are going to Garganes, then subir is precisely what you must do. Once I had got round him I did just that. Later in the evening Neil and I went out to book a taxi for tomorrow and we looked for tarts and elephants at the same time. We also needed bread and cheese which we got in Mas y Mas. Imagine our chagrin when we discover they have Häagen-Dazs ice cream. This is information we will store up. Mercadona for barbecued chicken and Mas y Mas for ice cream. We did see one or two owls and elephants but none worth buying or too big. We saw no tarts at all.

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