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2008-03-31 - Trip 12

Spain, Alicante

Altea to Local Area

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Shopping and picnic day in Altea.

Anne got her Altea hand-drawn maps photocopied. Then we all went to Galeria Rafael. This shop sells fallen madonnas by Van Klomp. There were several pictures we might have bought if we had had wall space.

Later, sitting on the stones towards the north end of the beach at Altea, we had a picnic lunch. We had an avocado starter followed by wild salmon (Tesco's best) with tomato, beetroot, raw onion and olives stuffed with jalapeño peppers. For afters we had mandarins and strawberries. Nice!

We have been trying to find a nice day out for Mini. This must not have lots of steps, hills or a long or hot walk. We thought of Gato de los Gorgos or a Boat Trip We fail to find a suitable boat trip. The season does not really start until 1st May. We also audit all the stations between Denia and Altea and really nowhere is as nice as Altea itself without a long walk.

So we stay in Altea for our rest day. I do a Kakuro and a bit more of an extreme killer which is eluding me. I read Geoffrey Archer. Why do I like his books? They are a good read. My only protest s never to buy them new. I do my embroidery. I have done two complete lines of Baba Yetu. We go into own and I get the maps of our Altea walks photocopied to leave behind in the house with the walk instructions. I get a stapler at the Chinese shop to fasten the maps to the instructions. We look at curtains and then have a picnic by the sea on some stuns. We are entertained by some boys crossing the gap in the sea wall. In they end they all get wet which is what they probably wanted. Then we come back and I top up our supplies in Mercadona because for the next two days we shall be late back. Tonight I am making quails. They come in a tin and there is a recipe on the back which I am broadly following. Psion is being good again. I hope he stays good until I can safely offload everything onto my big copote and send it to Neil as back-up.

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