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2008-03-28 - Trip 12 - Leg 85

Spain, Alicante

Calpe to Teulada

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17.5 km today.
112.4 km this trip.
1654.7 km from start.
18 metres minimum height.
262 metres maximum height.
322 metres ascent.
295 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train.

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Mostly quiet lanes on a high ridge. Good views.

On this day, early in the walk we crossed the Grenwich Meridian but we failed to notice. This was written six years after the event. A celebration opportunity was missed.

We made a mistake with the replacement bus service. We assumed we could get in at the same stop where we got out two days before. But no, that is more than the driver's job is worth. So we missed the bus. The service runs every two hours. We were not happy. We got a taxi instead costing 13 euros more than the bus. It could have been worse.

The walk was very nice. We strolled along quiet country lanes lined with spring flowers. Although the day was hot, there was a cooling breeze and occasional shade. The route climbed slowly out of the valley full of flowers up to a ridge which we followed for some distance. There were nice views between the fields and orchards. The final stretch was on a wider road but it was still fairly traffic free.

We got the train back and where the line had been washed away, the replacement bus took us home. Once again we got out at the stop where you can't get in. Tomorrow we hope to catch this bus at another stop. We will see.

Having got out of the replacement bus in Garganes we were confident we would be able to catch it there today so that is where we went. Imagine our chagrin when the bus went flying past and the driver waved a no no at us. We should have gone to Altea and yet we had seen someone getting on there yesterday - a friend or someone who works for the bus company? We went into Altea and got a taxi. It was already quite hot.

Once in Calp we made our way downhill to the fierce road but wee able to use side streets to make our way through the town. Once beyond it Neil had plotted a route using as narrow roads and paths as possible. The terrain was very juicy and the roads were lined with wild flower gardens. Neil nearly had a nervous breakdown photographing them all. We saw two more orchids, a pink pyramid and a pink dainty bee type. This was much more pleasant than we had expected and just as well because it was very hot especially going uphill.

At mid-say a haze came over the sky and the temperature abated a bit. It'll be good when the clocks change. When we get out of the taxi Neil nearly steals the driver’s helen - that would have made up for losing the stick.

Twice in the train we have had a Mozart CD on. Is this the driver's choice or is it an attempt to raise the IQ of the children? Either way it's very enjoyable. We have had the clean flute, the 40th symphony various suites and a violin concerto unidentified.

Once beyond Calpe and on a lovely country road, our surveillance has two cars parked inside some precinct or other. Then we see a grey car fly by, screech to a halt and then reverse back to us, also at speed. It is Ian. We had thought if we saw him at all it would be today. We have a little chat. He says he recognised Neil's, legs which were out. Mine have stayed in because I burnt them going to Calp when we had the sun behind us all the way. Neil was taking a photo of a very large pink scabious. A bit further one we see Ian’s poppies. A lovely bank of them all along the roadside. We had seen only a few hitherto but these were small rhoea poppies and lined the road for quite a distance.

We pass a Granja Escuela which would have been a nice place to spend a night. Neil seems to favour having a base rather than being true pilgrims and taking pot luck. I got a surprise when I looked up the blue linen. It is a northern Mediterranean plant so we are making progress. We pause more often than usual partly because the walk is short 17.5km and partly because it is hot. Neil freezes his 1.5 litre water bottle. Water from another bottle can be poured onto the ice and after a quick shake, added to the screw top cup with a lemon slice in it. This is a very refreshing drink on a hot walk. The ice lasts all day at this time of year. Eventually we get to the outskirts of Teulada and have 30 minutes to spare before the 16.13 train. Once back in Garganes we go to Mercadona and get our supplies for the weekend and beyond. Today we had our last Santa so Christmas is well and truly over. We also got a large øg. Yesterday we only got a small one and both Mini and I were disappointed and so was Neil once he saw how disappointed we were.