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2008-02-12 - Trip 11 - Leg 76

Spain, Valencia and Alicante

San Pedro to Torrevieja

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24.4 km today.
54.9 km this trip.
1449.7 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
36 metres maximum height.
163 metres ascent.
170 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus.

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Some busy roads, beach and quieter roads.

We are now becoming experts with this bus route. This morning we are glad to see that "Lurch" is not driving and the smooth lady is in charge. "Lurch" inches forwards at red traffic lights stopping and starting repeatedly. He also brakes hard on the approach to lights. However one application of the brakes is insufficient. Several episodes are needed so old ladies, bags of oranges and water bottles are all rolling in the isles before he stops. Then he re-starts inching forward again. The smooth lady should really be driving a Rolls Royce for some rich executive.

This walk from San Pedro to Torrevieja was cold, windy and at times, wet. Parts or the route were quite nice but it's hard to enjoy nature in these conditions. We were driven inland to shelter from the worst of the wind and, unusually for us, we walked on roads when a beach alternative was available.

Neil remains off his food because the ladies of the night were there again yesterday evening. Have I said that we are living in the red light district? Is this why the flat is cheap, especially so now that we have the two-bed-roomed one. Today's walk is a succession of beaches, cliff tops, marine parades and some busy roads.

Today we got wet twice, once during our lunch break which we had under some pines and again later on while we were walking. When we leave the flat early in the morning there are lots of alluringly dressed ladies in our street and we are wondering whether we are in the red light district (we are). One lady often says Bonjour. Does she think we are French? Once she asked if we were going to work and I said walking. Neil prefers not to speak to them. He doesn't want to miss the 7am bus. I don't mind because one of the student restaurants in Grenoble was in the Rue de la Poste which was also a red light district and because we went there quite often, we got to know them quite well. Also once when I was in Ivory Coast and wearing a colourful African shirt and jeans, I was accosted by a lady (admittedly with a squint, and asked if I would like some company. When I explained I was not a boy, we had a good laugh and had a chat every time we happened to meet afterwards. These ladies make us wonder what men do who want a man and women do who want a woman.

Our sex education was sadly lacking. I remember in "The Years of Grace", a book borrowed with much excitement from the school library when I was about ten, about what passed for sex education in those days, and the only thing I can remember from it is that "it is extremely important to get your navel clean" and "the only way to be sure you achieve a good result is to use a mirror". What a relief for the author to know that all her girls are going out into the wide world whatever else they did or didn't know would always approach life's vicissitudes with a clean navel. Neil is not hungry because, once again he is amoureux, because the ladies were out in the street as we set off for the bus stop this morning. Today as Neil isn't hungry he fails to give me any cheese for lunch although I have given him bread. I have histrionics. No øg yesterday and now no cheese today. Once back in Alacant we find a different shop to top up our supplies. We get Häagen-Dazs ice cream, cappuccino and caramel. It should be good. I will go and set it up now.

As yesterday was far from warm except when the sun came out, Neil said he was taking his woolly hat and furry gloves. I decide to do the same. We are walking into the teeth of a gale, not as strong as the one that distorted our cheeks at Tunes but very strong all the same force 5-6 and gusting more. In one little housings estate we saw nine pussies sitting on a lixo. The sun comes out at second lunchtime and we had ours in a river bed, out of the wind. We had a lovely bask and had to curtail it to continue the walk, having expected to be flushed when the sun went in. At Campoamor we discuss how to get to Alacant without going along the road between the salinas before Santa Pola. There is no hard shoulder to speak of and the traffic is very fast. We decide to go via Elx so I can see my doggy again and approach Alacant from the west instead of the south. This will lengthen the walk but we are making good time by not having any rest days. I got two Claras in Torrevieja and some food but Neil was too prerked to go into the shop. It was the Taj supermercado and was full of huge bags of spices and ingredients.

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