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2007-12-21 - Trip 10 - Leg 66

Spain, Andalucia and Almeria

Mojacar to Garrucha

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6.1 km today.
6.1 km this trip.
1234.1 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
11 metres maximum height.
13 metres ascent.
11 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Hire car, Bus.

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A short walk along the beach and roads through a tourist area.

We took our hire car to the port at Garrucha. Here we caught a bus back to Mojacar where we finished up last April. The walk back to Garrucha was quite short allowing us to build up our fitness gradually. Anne got the phone number of the local taxies. North of Garrucha, the coast road lacks a bus service because it is so isolated and quiet. On the plus side, the road is quiet enough to walk along in relative quiet and safety.

We get up when we wake up and I take a handful of muesli to eat dry for breakfast. There was no bread as Rob obviously likes cereals for breakfast. At 8.20 Neil and I go out to get some basics from one of the local shops but none is open. If we had remembered our notes better, we would have known we could bread at Kati’s. We go back and tell Mini we are going to Aguilas to make a small shopping.

We get lots of things and it comes to 94 euros which is more than I have ever spent in a supermarket before. It included our Christmas lunch and booze and should last a while. It takes me back to Lanzarote where we bought enough for a week and three days later had to go back for more.

After elevenses we set off for Garrucha to catch the bus to Mojacar. We decided to go via Vera in case that was an easier route but decided after getting spedunculas at their bus station, that we would stick to plan A. We got to Garrucha and had lunch opposite the port. Then we went to the taxi rank and got a phone number, after which we went to the bus stop. We had just seen a bus go by which was a pity as there wasn't another one for an hour.

In Mojacar, we walked back. It was only 6km but it was by now getting on for 3pm, perhaps that was as well. I was going to put in a story elicited by today but I have forgotten what it was. It was in Vera that it came to me. I need my neurones retriggering. We had a pause in the lee of some trees and once back in Garrucha I tried to arrange our taxi. It was the only one at the rank and he was going to Granada tomorrow morning so he couldn't do it. I'll have to telephone (Neil's method) after all but at least I will have a rendez-vous as we can decide on one on our way home.

We get back to Calabardina at 6.15 and have barcon ratatouille and couscous and seescweem for supper. Mini had been sweating over a hot stove. Then I went to recharge the telingphone and I noticed it had no signal. I took it upstairs to no avail. I must take it on the walk tomorrow and see if I can get a signal elsewhere or if something has gone wrong with it. Everything else seem to be working. At least now we can say to Mini don't expect a call. I must take Donna's number in case of a real emergency and they can pass on a massage as they only live just round the corner. The other tellingphone is working OK on vodacom which should be the preferred network of the pay-as-you-talk phone. I'll keep trying tomorrow in various locations. We are right by a mast here but maybe not the right one. If the phone is brook I'll have to get anther one.