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2007-04-01 - Trip 9 - Leg 57

Spain, Andalucia and Almeria

Playa Serena to Aguadulce

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11.7 km today.
11.7 km this trip.
1097.2 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
31 metres maximum height.
36 metres ascent.
61 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus.

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Golden mile. Wasteland. More golden mile.


We explored Aguadulce in the morning locating shops and bus stops. After lunch we caught a bus to Playa Serena and walked back along the coast to Aguadulce.

I wake up very late at 8.30. Even allowing for the time change this is unusual. I had surfaced earlier and taken an almogran to counter the journey migraine and then fallen fast asleep again.

After breakfast Neil and I went out to find an Opencor to do a big shop. We failed. There were no large shops open. But we did find bread, gaseosa and fruit juice and a water bottle suitable for my bum bag. When we got back we had lunch and a short siesta before setting off to catch our bus to Playa Serena.

I moved my bed to under the window so that I can reach the light switch from the bed and plug in appliances easily. We go the back way to see if we can locate Eroski but fail. We walk miles but find a lovely fruit shop which also had mayonnaise and bog roll the latter being something of a relief as there was none in the house. We also passed a pollo asado but it was a long way from home.

Our bus was 95 cents and we arrived at about 2.30. The walk was mainly along marine parade and quite nice apart from the very centre of the Roquetas resort area. There were motorbikes doing Evil Kneevil over some mounds on the beach. There were children out having a canoe race and a few hardy wind surfers. A German woman tried to make us go on her boat trip but it doesn't go from Aguadulce and we are going to see if we can find one that does.

We had a lovely caramelo ice cream at the start of our walk served to us by two very small boys who had been left in charge of the cossak. They did very well given that they could hardly reach the the top of the cornet stack or across to the tub we had chosen. They got their sums wrong too. 1.70 + 1.70 = 2.40. We gave them the right money. Their mum had probably popped out because trade was slack and no-one would want an ice cream on such a cold day. They had gripped the cornets tightly so as not to drop then and the little paper cone you get was full of crushed cornet crumbs.

Later on, in the space between Roquetas and Aguadulce we saw a cistanche and a turdus vulgaricus which we had not seen since Mini and I were in Vila Recife years ago.

Tonight we are having spaghetti Bolgnese. Neil brought pasta and dolmio mince and sauce. With added stuffing powder and cheese it was delicious.

Today we saw cynomorium coccineum parasitic on chenopodaceae some of which are endemic to Almeria. We have tended to ignore those succulent plants that live in the saltings but from now on will treat them with more respect.

Flowers seen today cistanche (note the cistanche comes in two forms - the bright yellow form we saw in Portugal and a paler form which we saw here. We also saw sea lavender stocks turdus vulgaris.

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