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2006-04-12 - Trip 6

Spain, Andalucia and Malaga

Estepona to Jardin Botanico Fiasco

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0 km today.
125.5 km this trip.
820.4 km from start.
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 Travel: Taxi and bus.

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Abortive trip to a building site. Visited beach.

Short Walk. This was an amusing flop. The plan was to visit the Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanico). The gardens on Gibraltar were very nice but these turned out to be a building site where, eventually, a few trees might be planted. We went to the beach instead.

Visit to the Parque Botanico - We telephone the number on the signs and arrange a rendez-vous. This is slightly surprising but perhaps the gardens are new and they want to make a good impression. We locate a taxi outside the bus station and set off. The driver is unconvinced that there is any such garden but takes us any way. When we get there he is right. For a start, the signs now say Parque Botanico Country Club and, for a second, the road to it is un-made up and unsuitable for a taxi. We abort and get the driver to drop us off at the beach. Maria or Mario whome I had talked to on the phone will be disappointed as I expect he/she was hoping to make a sale.

He/she had asked me if I was from an agency or private and I said private. No doubt she thought I was talking about an estate agents and I thought she was talking about a travel agents. The beach was nice anyway and so was the drive but it was a let down as Mini's special treat. I think the driver dropped his price in the circumstances so I tipped him extra to make up for it. Why should he suffer because we ask him to take us to a place which doesn't yet exist if it ever will as a Botanico as we know them? Perhaps we can take Mini to the one in Málaga at Christmas only then the flowers won't be out as they are now.

We had been going to go to The Vine's (sic) tonight but Neil feels bloated and doesn't feel, like it. Come to think of it I feel a bit bloated myself. All that Bifidus Activia yoghurt is failing to do us good. I have ascertained that the Málaga bus stops in Fuengirola so we can shorten our trip tomorrow considerably (if Neil has recovered). I will also check if it stops in Torremolinos as that would shorten it still further.