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2005-04-07 - Trip 4

Spain, Andalucia and Cadiz

Playa Barrosa to Local Area

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0 km today.
194 km this trip.
583.1 km from start.
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Local walk. 7.2km

A local walk near the Islote de Sancti Petri.

The sad doggie we found at Rota and with whom we shared our cheese rinds whom we called Escruffes was on telly the other night while we were out on our walk but Mini recognised him from our photos and from his habit of pointing with his paws.

He had been missing from his owners for three years and had only just found his way back.

It’s a good job we didn’t rescue him or he might never have found his real home again. It was our cheese which gave him the strength to go on.

We are now at Costa Sancti Petri opposite the island of Sancti Petri and we are going to have lunch there. It was 4.9km and we came with Mini. The wind has dropped but the sea is still choppy and much colder than before from having been stirred up.

Mini has done her back in making her bed -now she must lie on it. The weather is not very nice, black skies -probably because Neil watered the lawn last night. It will now be watered the English way.

We went to Costa Sancti Petri yesterday and had a day on the beach but came back by bus most of the way so Mini didn't have to walk. So we did go on the bus once again after all.

Today I unpicked some more embroidery - another error I discovered when I started to put in the gold. That's why I made the errors because I had to leave spaces for the gold.

The one time when we had time to have a pie at the bus stop they had run out.

We are now getting our pizza. We bought it at the supermarket and will cook it ourselves. We have got two large bottles of sherry and are going to look for some small ones in Sancti Petri.

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