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2005-03-27 - Trip 4 - Leg 22

Spain, Andalucia and Cadiz

Donana to Sanlucar

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2.2 km today.
1.6 km/h average today.
1 hours 21 mins walking time.
2.2 km this trip.
391.3 km from start.
0 metres minimum height.
8 metres maximum height.
0 metres ascent.
0 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Bus and ferry.

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Crossed to Donana national park to join on the walk.

Donaña National Park to Sanlúcar de Barrameda bus station. This short walk includes a ferry crossing across the Rio Guadalquivir.

Across the Guadalquivir

We've just come across on the ferry. We were not confident that there would be a way across for passengers. The ferry goes from beach to beach. We had a private ride on it. As we landed there was a hart in view and on our right there were two nogs. I also saw a nog on the way here so that was a good omen.

On the way here, we had to catch four buses. We caught the Chiclana bus down at the coast in case it didn't come up our road (just as well as it didn't). Yesterday as it started off wet so we just went to Chiclana to try to get bus timetables. We had a take-away chicken and chips and peppers as we couldn't find a restaurante.

In San Lucar there was a Restaurante Poma not, however, convallium (as in a piece we had sung at Capella Antiqua’s last concert), however. There was also Mazanilla sherry advertised as in Dance a Cachuca (as in Gilbert and Sullivan Dance a Cachuca). We also saw some correct English people in their Tilleys and genuine safari suits.

As in February, there are occasional Matalascanñs Reserve jeep/buses passing by. You might as well be walking along the M1 as the Doñana beach says Neil.

Neil has logged on his GPS receiver and has moved around on the beach until he is right at the spot where he logged off in February. Neil steps left and right and right and left until he is exactly n his spot.

The ferryman said he would go back specially for us when we wanted to go. Neil could not give me any particulars about our location as he had logged on in Cádiz or even earlier. We had the first course of lunch and then crossed back over as some other people also wanted to go over. We have our second lunch on this side.

We have decided we are going to walk round the coast rather than cut off the Chipiona corner, as we are not in a hurry and the other route is very vehicular. Also there are saltings everywhere so would be difficult to get across these without using roads.

I've remembered now what I wanted to tell Muvo (We record details onto the Muvo ready to be typed up later on a Psion and then transferred to PC. It was about when we were in the shop in Matalascañas and I wanted strawberries which were in a box huge juicy and red and the lady asked me how many and said medio meaning half a kilo but she gave me half the box. It didn't matter because in three days I had eaten them all any way.

Mini has got a bite on her bum even wearing Rohans so her theory about why she gets bitten and we don’t has fallen through..

We took buses from

The return journed also needed four buses. We took the ferry