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2004-04-06 - Trip 2 - Leg 12

Portugal, Algarve East

Estoi to Livramento

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22.2 km today.
2.3 km/h average today.
9 hours 29 mins walking time.
45 km this trip.
187 km from start.
19 metres minimum height.
416 metres maximum height.
327 metres ascent.
401 metres descent.
 Track Log: Logged.
 Travel: Train and bus.

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Quiet mountain lane. Busier road to coast. Wild tulips.

Take a train to Faro (We took the 8.11) Then take a bus or taxi to the church square in Estoi.

Once at the church square in Estoi, head north and uphill to the right of the church. There is a rabbit warren of streets which it is hard to describe although the sketch map may help, but if you aim north or east of north you eventually get into Rua do Pé da Cruce (15 minutes). Ignore the right turn which is the main road to São Bras de Alportel and Murta and carry on towards the Cruz de Espragueira passing under the motorway (25 minutes). At the Cruz de Espragueira, you turn right towards Azinheiro. Continue straight along here ignoring any side turnings until you get to a Y-junction (1 hour 40 minutes) where you bear right. Just before reaching a roundabout near the summit, we saw one last daffodil on our left and tulips on our right (1 hour 55 minutes).

We are not peak-baggers but the temptation of possible new flowers made us take the little track up to the summit and this was well rewarded by no fewer than thirty different flowers in bloom including a campanula we had never seen before and gardens of red and yellow tulips (2 hours 5 minutes - very slow because of all the flowers).

Once back at the roundabout, go straight over and downhill. We saw bee-eaters on this stretch which was a real treat as they often arrive later in the year. Eventually, you cross back over the motorway (3 hours 5 minutes) and, soon after, a stream and another main road (3 hours 15 minutes). Eventually you get to a T-junction where you turn right (3 hours 25 minutes). Take the next surfaced turning to the left (3 hours 30 minutes) signed to Alfandanga and Fuzeta. Then, if the traffic is bad on this road, turn right into the town of Moncarapacho to avoid it. Go straight through the town until you get to a cross-roads where the right turn is un-made up (3 hours 35 minutes). Turn left here to get back to the same road which you abandoned earlier. Turn right to go back along this road (3 hours 40 minutes) and then left at the next cross-roads (3 hours 50 minutes). At the next Y-junction bear right and stay on the tarmac. Then at the subsequenT-junction, turn right and immediately left (3 hours 55 minutes). Keep on this road and go straight ahead into Magarota (4 hours 10 minutes). Continue to go straight ahead until you get to a T-junction where you turn left(4 hours 30 minutes). The first right turn will take you to Livramento station (4 hours 40 minutes).

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