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2003-04-24 - Trip 1

Portugal, Algarve West

Lagos to Local Area

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Margaret not well.

Quinto do Santo Phunurius to Lagos Peninsular

Today Margaret was not well. This might have been a delayed reaction to the walk from Alcantarilha to Tunes. We had another day off. At mid-day we did a local walk along the coast to the promontory of Lagos. This involved some cliff scrambling on eroded paths. Although this was not part of the "walk" it was probably the most dangerous terrain we visited.

Take the narrow track which heads towards the sea from the road you use to empty your rubbish bin. Then go across country and bear left on to a track beyond the large white house which has been ahead of you (5 minutes). If it is dry, you can go all the way to the beach this way. If it is wet, you can bear left again and head uphill, turning right at the top to head towards a block of flats. Then at the T junction, turn right to skirt the Magnolia Club Hotel and finally go down their steps to rejoin the lower path.

Turn left and go on to the beach. Here, turn left again and head for the beach café (30 minutes if you went on the right road). Go up the steps leading to the café and then head right up some more steps and on to a narrow track. Just follow this now as it skirts the coast until you get to the end where there is a T junction (1 hour 5 minutes). Turn right here and stay on this track until you get to a Y junction marked by an almond tree. Bear right here to go to the lighthouse - or just wander about (1 hour 20 minutes).

To return from the light lighthouse, go back to the almond tree and bear right. Then turn right on to a surfaced road (1 hour 20 minutes). Head towards some derelict half-built flats. Turn left here (1 hour 30 minutes). Follow this road over a set of cross-roads and past a nursery school to a T junction. Turn left and right and then at the next cross-roads, go straight. At the end, head across a building site and continue in the same direction until the next cross-roads where you turn left. Then turn right into Avenida D. Sebastão and left at the next cross-roads. You will now see The Intermarché supermarket on your right. Then simply head uphill until you get to our entrance gate (2 hours 10 minutes).

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