Italy, Liguria, Savona

Alassio to Finale Ligure - 27.9 km - Thursday 5th April 2012

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Via Julia Augusta for 4 km. Nice! Then sea front, town centres and some main road, mostly with good pavements.

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Diary - Top

The 06:07 Ventimiglia train from Genova Piazza Principe departed on time. Neil got out at Alassio.

The rain had ended and the day gradually warmed up, eventually becoming quite hot for walking but really nice for sitting which is what all the sane people were doing. The walk started on the Via Julia Augusta which was closed to most traffic. This varied from tarmac lane to earth track with a short section where the original road was still in place (or a very good reconstruction). Sadly this only lasted 4 km. The rest of the route was on the sea front, in town centres, off the main road, and less often on the main road where there were good pavements almost all the way.

The whole country is gearing up for Easter. There are decorations everywhere and giant red ribbons are tied round trees in avenues. With this in mind and with altered shop opening times, I went in search of food to last four days. Genova is very ethnically mixed and it was extremely hard to find food suitable for picnics and hotel consumption. Lacking a wok in the hotel room, the chinese supermarkets were ruled out. Similarly the hotel is ill equipped with tandor ovens. Eventually after a long circuit taking in the station and the port, I located a Carrefour express where I got butter, cheese, bread, pate, clemantines and a bottle of fizzy drink. I still have a stock of instant soups to which I'm addicted. Thai Chicken and Hot and Sour flavours. They are really good after a long walk because they replace water and salt and have enough calories to keep you going while the sandwiches get made. The hotel restaurant is very expensive and takes all evening so I'm saving money ready for the next trip.

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