A Walk Across Europe

Portugal to Turkey

Cabo são Vincente to Istanbul - 8,000 km. 2003 - 2023 (approx)

The red markers are the years. In the west is 2003 and working west to east 2013 is the most recent in Italy. Click the map to navigate.

Map of the Route - 2012 Italy, Cremona Portugal, Algarve West Portugal, Algarve East Spain, Huelva Spain, Cadiz Spain, Tarifa Spain, Estepona Spain, Velez Malaga Spain, La Rabita Spain, Cabo de Gata Spain, Murcia Spain, Alicante Spain, Altea Spain, Valencia Spain, Tarragona Spain, Barcelona France, Perpignan France, Beziers France, Nimes France, Toulon Italy, Genova Italy, Cremona

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2003 - Portugal 


West and East

2005 - Spain 


Huelva Cádiz Tarifa Estepona Vélez-Málaga La Rábita Cabo de Gata






Alicante Altea Valencia



Tarragona Barcelona and Girona

2009 - France

Languedoc Roussillon:

Perpignan Beziers Nîmes


Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur:


2012 - Italy

Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy:

Genova Cremona Verona


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Wikiloc GPS Track Wiki 
Entire Route (Google Earth KML, 7,478,431 bytes.)
Entire Route (Garmin GDB, 5,149,067 bytes.)
Google Spreadsheet Walk Summary
Excel Spreadsheet Walk Summary 121,344 bytes.

The walk is about 8000 kilometres or 5000 miles long.
At the present rate of progress it will take approximately 20 years to complete.

We are considering continuing yet further, east of Istanbul, eventually leaving the coast, following rivers and lakes instead although we doubt we'll live that long. Indeed two of the three that started the walk have now died and Neil continues alone.

May 2010: After 130 walking days and over 2567 km covered, we reached France but the walk had to be paused. Anne had cancer and was too ill to walk more than a few metres. The statistics suggested she was unlikely to recover but we lived in hope. Sadly she died on June 25th 2010. Neil re-started the walk, alone, in October 2010.

April 2010: Margaret, Neil's mother also died. She was 89 and was becoming frail so this was not unexpected. She did well to accompany us until Easter 2008 although she only joined us for the easier legs of the walk.

November 2013: Ian, Neil's brother died . Although Ian was not doing the walk, Neil now has the task of sorting out Ian's affairs. This has delayed the walk again.

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The proposed route ...

Country Sea/Ocean Sea / gulf / lake / river Done
Portugal Atlantic   Finished
Spain   Finished
Gibraltar Straits of Gibraltar   Finished
Spain Mediterranean Alboran Sea Finished
Mar Menor Finished
Gulf of Valencia Finished
France Gulf of Lyon Finished
Monte-Carlo Finished
Italy Ligurian Sea Finished
Inland Route 50%
Adriatic Sea, Gulf of Venice  
Slovenia Going inland    
Turkey Sea of Marmara    
Black Sea    


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