Portugal to Turkey

Cape St. Vincent to Istanbul - 8000 km - Monday 14th April 2003


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April 2003: Margaret, Anne and Neil set out from Cabo São Vicente, Algarve, Portugal. The sunny morning deteriorated into pouring rain in the afternoon. Even so, it was a wonderful walk through some of the most beautiful nature reserve terrain in south western Portugal.

The plan was to walk an estimated 10 000 km from Cape Saint Vincent (Portugal) to Istanbul (Turkey). The walk log contains photos of the flora, fauna, terrain and scenery. There are maps, GPS track logs and KML files for use with Google Earth.

October 2008: Margaret had a stroke triggered by her long-running heart problem. We had to cancel the October trip. By Christmas, Margaret was well enough for Anne and Neil to complete another leg. Margaret could no longer get insurance and was not really well enough to travel so she stopped going on the trips.

October 2009: After 130 walking days and over 2567 km covered, we had reached France but the walk was on pause because Anne (Neil's sister) had cancer and was too ill to walk more than a few metres. The statistics suggested she would be unlikely to recover but we lived in hope for 14 months.

April 2010: Neil's mother (Margaret) who also started the walk, died. She had had a long term minor heart problem. Aged 89 and becoming frail, this lead to her demise.

June 2010: Anne died, finally losing her fight with cancer.

October 2010: Neil resumed the walk in France.

April 2011: Neil is continuing the walk. With two of the three who started, already dead, and looking at actuarial tables for life expectancy, Neil has decided not to walk down to the toe of Italy and back. The chances of reaching Istanbul would be too small. Following the whole coastline of Albania and Greece might also be too far. The latest ideas put Neil nearly half way. Even so he'd be well on the way to 70 years old continuing at the present rate. The new total distance is 8000 km.

June 2012: Neil has reached Brescia, Lombardia, Italy. You can download kml track logs documenting the entire 3655 km completed so far. This 7,478,431 byte file can be viewed in Google Earth.

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